PC Series Self-Cleaning Intake Screen

Flow Range: 50 - 2,400 U.S. gpm (11 - 454 m³/hr)                       


The LAKOS Self-Cleaning PC Screen offers continuous pump protection without the worry of routine maintenance. The internal backwash system blows debris off and away from the screen, allowing water to flow freely to the pump intake. The entire screen rotates so that debris is blown away. Better than stationary screens, which waste time and energy due to repeated clogging. Save energy, end routine maintenance, and protect the environment with LAKOS PC Self-Cleaning Pump Intake Screens.

Fish-Safe Applications
LAKOS PC Series Screens can also be properly applied to meet fish-protection regulations by selecting the right screen for the required intake flow velocity. Contact LAKOS with your requirements. Complete installation details for fish protection available upon request.