FrySafe System
Complete Cooking Oil Filtration System
Flow Range: 50 - 6,125 U.S. gpm (11 - 1,390 m³/hr)
Maximum Pressure: 100 psi (6.8 bar)

  • Full flow filtration of the entire cooking oil reservoir
  • Operates in a pressurized, non-oxygenated environment
  • Longer operating cycles between downtime/maintenance
Remove crumbs and fines to extend oil life and sustain high product quality. The FrySafe System offers a full flow, non-oxygenated, low maintenance, turnkey solution for cooking oil.

The LAKOS FrySafe includes a LAKOS CSX Separator, two collection vessels, and all the necessary valves and gauges for a complete cooking oil filtration solution.

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  • Material construction: Available in carbon steel and 304L or 316L stainless steel.
    *Connections: Inlet, outlet and purge are each standard ANSI, DIN, JIS flanges. DIN and JIS dimensions are slightly different than those shown. Contact LAKOS for more information. Sanitary connections also available.
    Collection vessel model for each FrySafe System depends on the flow rate and solids loading.

    Dimensional views of collection vessels shown here. For dimensions of total FrySafe Systems, contact the manufacturer for drawings.

  • ASME

    Internal 3M Scotchkote Coating

    Stainless Steel Material

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    LS-732 FrySafe Brochure LS-732 FrySafe Brochure (2940 KB)

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    LS-899 FrySafe Install Guide LS-899 FrySafe Install Guide (11728 KB)

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