TwistIIClean Screen Filters

Flow Range: 1 - 78 U.S. gpm (0.2 - 17.7 m³/hr)               Maximum Pressure: 100 psi (6.9 bar)


No other traditional spin-down filter matches the TwistIIClean for effective cleaning performance, featuring an easy ¼-twist top handle to create a patented reverse-flushing action to more effectively remove sand/sediment from the screen surface. Twice the screen surface of any other spin-down filter. Overall, that means reduced maintenance, longer run times, less pressure loss, better filtering.

Better-made glass-filled polypropylene body for effective UV-resistance. Convenient, see-through acrylic bowl to know when to clean. Easy to use SunShield to protect screen from algae growth. Five screen mesh options provide a range of solutions for any application. Easy to change screen, if desired. No tools required. The easy to install and clean TwistIIClean inline sediment filter removes organics, sand, and sediment from water systems. Just a gentle twist of the handle begins the patented reverse flushing action, and the TwistIIClean back washes itself from the inside-out. The entire cleaning process takes less than 20 seconds! The TwistIIClean means no mess, no leaks, and no tools required. With five different screen sizes available, filter sediment down to just 74 microns!


The Advantage of Reverse-Flush
All spin-down filters employ a screen to trap particles as water passes through the screen. When dirty, traditional filters rely on a “wash-by” action to flush away particles trapped on the screen (but miss particles trapped “in” the screen mesh). Only the patented TwistIIClean Filter applies a reverse-flush action that more effectively removes particles trapped both in and on the screen, cleaning the screen more effectively and eliminating excessive downtime to take apart the filter for manual cleaning.

Particles are Trapped

Wash-by Action

Reverse-Flush Action

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