House Sand Problems

Sand In Your Home Water Supply?
We Have Several Solutions!



Problem: Sand in your ice maker, shower heads, clothes washer, or other water appliance.

Solution: The TwistIIClean and SandMaster from LAKOS are each uniquely designed to remove unwanted sand from your residential water supply.

Removing sand from home water supply

  • The TwistIIClean is a sand and sediment filter that is easy to use and easy to clean.Five different mesh screen filters to choose from lets you determine how much sand and sediment you want to remove. A High-Flow version can be used with irrigation systems. You can order a TwistIIClean Today!

  • The SandMaster and stainless steel SandMasterPLUS units can be installed for an automated purge of sand and provide maintenance-free operation. For most homes, this is our recommended solution. Contact us to help you buy one and have it professionally installed.

  • For heavier amounts of sand or for corrosive water situations, the ILB/ILS is the best choice for longer durability.


    Problem: What about sand in my water well that gets into my home but is also causing damage to my pump? 

    Solution: You can stop the sand before it gets into your house AND protect your submersible pump using a SUB-K pump protection separator. For submersible pump flow above 100 US gpm and for all turbine pumps, the Pump Protection Separator (PPS) is a proven solution.

    Keep Your Home SAND FREE!

    Several LAKOS solutions to remove sand from your home water supply







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