LAKOS Filtration for Waterworks

NSF Listing

NSF Certified

LAKOS PWC Centrifugal Separators are NSF certified and designed to meet the unique demands of waterworks filtration. See below for a listing of certified models.

Acrobat LogoDownloads

PWC Brochure, LS-850
WaterWorks Solutions Brochure, LS-849
PWC Specification Sheet in MS Word format, LS-023
PWC Installation Guide, LS-829
3rd Party Testing - ICWT Results, LS-024
Specification Credit Form, LS-249

Submittal Drawings (PDF and dwg)

PWC-1040-L as PDF and as DWG
PWC-1040-V as PDF and as DWG
PWC-1050-L as PDF and as DWG
PWC-1050-V as PDF and as DWG
PWC-1060-L as PDF and as DWG
PWC-1060-V as PDF and as DWG
PWC-1080-L as PDF and as DWG
PWC-1080-V as PDF and as DWG



New for 2012

PWC Centrifugal Separator for Waterworks

Centrifugal Separator

The LAKOS PWC Centrifugal Separator employs centrifugal action to remove settleable sand and other solids from pumped water. This LAKOS Separator has been 3rd-party-tested (see downloadable report from ICWT) and verified to:


Features of PWC Centrifugal Separators

All LAKOS Centrifugal Separators share these important features and benefits:

  1. No moving parts to wear out or need replacing
  2. Low and steady pressure loss
  3. Minimal water loss
  4. The purge outlet can be fully automated for low or no maintenance
  5. In addition, PWC Separators are NSF certified


LAKOS PWC Separator: How It Works

LAKOS Centrifugal Separators employ centrifugal action to remove sand and other solids from water and other liquids (those solids that settle to the bottom of a container in 2 How Does A LAKOS Separator Workminutes or less). Water with solids enter the separator at a tangential angle through the Inlet and is accelerated inside the separator, causing the solids and heavier particles to be thrown to the outer wall of the chamber. Eventually these solids settle at the bottom of the separator where they are purged from the system through the Solids Purge. Water that is free of solids exits out the Oulet. See this animated explanation or this YouTube video that illustrates this concept.


NSF ANSI StandardThe following models of LAKOS / Claude Laval Corporation products are NSF certified. Models are: PWC-1040-L, PWC-1040-V, PWC-1050-L, PWC-1050-V, PWC-1060-L, PWC-1060-V, PWC-1080-L, PWC-1080-V